professional legal support

No one can neglect the legal considerations nowadays: everybody needs accessible and clear legal support. However it is not expected to be able to directly ask the adequate question from a lawyer. Thus it is necessary to have proactive legal support, which is more than a conventional legal service.

Ádler Law Firm offers exactly this legal support for its clients.

Beyond traditional corporate advocacy, editing several legal documents or founding companies Adler Law Firm stands for and enforces interests of its clients: provides continuous due diligence and legal compliance services to ensure an effective and lawful operation and eases even the most difficult decisions.

Scope of services
  • professional corporate advocacy
  • litigation and effective out of the court conflict management
  • unique legal support of medical and pharmaceutical issues: manufacturing, commerce, distribution and promotion of pharmaceutical products and medical aids (special aspects of advertisement and detailing; developing complex contractual relations; legal support on development and operation of secure compliance programs; special legal support of government and authority relations)
  • general legal audit, monitoring of legal compliance (comprehensive due diligence, proactive preparation for investigation of authorities)
  • legal support on sensitive data processing (from data protection to lawful data transfer)
  • effective management of claims and debts
  • comprehensive management of intellectual property and media issues (electronic, print or online advertisement)
  • management of competition issues (consumer protection, unfair market practices)
  • legal support of e-commerce activities